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poetry for my husband

Poetry for my husband:

July 5, 2013

His shirt isn’t always white, and that’s my fault.
I tell him, ‘oh baby it’s probably the washmachine’s fault.’
He looks at me, with his beautiful hazel green eyes,
and I want to kiss him,
‘oh honey, I tell him again and again, do you think maybe I managed to put the clothes mixed in with the colours?’
His disapproving gaze just tears me up,
because he hardly gets angry and when he does,
It’s not a pretty sight, but he’s always kind,
Too generous for his own good,
Foots the bill for everyone,
And he looks at me, because I don’t always approve,
But reminds me, with a hug that I wouldn’t have fallen for a cheap man,
True, true,
But I still, to this day, get his white shirts coloured,
And this time, maybe it is the washmachine’s fault.
He wants a garden without the grass,
I cry, because I want the grass, but he buys the plants, the flowers, and trees,
says honey you're gonna love it.
I sometimes, to my disconcertment, burn his food, but thankfully that doesn’t happen anymore
Well at least not the pasta, but that rice, oh that rice, I forget the time,
what's with me and whites?
But he still eats another helping
Says he’s growing that terrible middle fat that middled aged men get,
And he’s not even middle aged yet,
Look at Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and the others,
middle aged, but looks like a teen dream,
But we can’t compare them can we?
Oh honey, you drive me crazy, with your nit picky ways,
And lack of tool guy repairman ways, but you’re brilliant, more brilliant than my little pinky could hold,
And one day, I’ll get all his whites, including his socks just the right colour.

Love your wife


It's a very nice poem. Did you write it?

But...seems to have negative feelings for me. Does he do the laundry? Does he get it white every time? Does he cook at all? Does he cook it right all the time?
hey thanks for reading!

yeah i figured that it has some "negativity" in it, but not to worry, it's quite a very good relationship we have.
the balance of good and bad, since we're both not perfect. But honestly, he's perfect for me. (corny I know)

Nope, I do the laundry, and he irons his own shirts. :D
Cooking? Well, i dont want him in my new kitchen that he bought for me. :P

thanks again!
oh! forgot to add, yes, i wrote it.

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July 2013

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