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clefab1e in ilovemyhusband

I enjoy looking at dogs so i often take pictures of other peoples dogs and load them on my computer to compare to other dogs to help further my knowledge of dogs and reach the highest possible level of enjoyment while looking at the dogs. recently it has come to my attention that the public do not like me taking photos of their dogs and will not let me explain to them why I am doing so.

How should I correct this error before they have the oppurtunity to call the local police station?


Sometimes I take random pictures if strikes my fancy. I always ask before I take the picture. I explain what I am doing this for, usually just to keep on my hd, sometimes to post on my fb or lj. I am willing to give my URL if asked. I show them the picture when am done. If they don't like how they look or whatever I delete it in front of them. Yeah, thats a lot of to-do for a pic, but it's better than a dirty look or threat.
Take the picture anyway and fuck 'em.

When you're out in the open you are fair game for a photographer. That's the law. It's too bad if they don't like it.

Normally I'd be considerate, but attitude like that just kills my sense of politeness and consideration.

July 2013

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