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julie_adams in ilovemyhusband

aaron finally had the opportunity to call me tonite on a working phone that didn't click repeatedly, fade out or die completely.(isn't it wonderful trying to stay in contact with a sailor? oy.)

i've been going through some quite stressful times lately. i'm coordinating a cross country move into our first place together ... all the while having to deal with military inefficiency, since they are the ones to go through in order to get my stuff moved 2,000 miles.(i'd do it myself since i've moved over 20 times before this if it wasn't winter and i was old enough to rent a truck.) i just survived my first deployment as a wife. we now have a daughter about to turn 5 months and i had never even so much as been in the same room with a baby before she came along. holidays, family budgeting, navy life, being a new mom, planning to return to school and work ... it's a little overwhelming at times and i've nearly cracked under the pressure once or twice in recent weeks. the stress is actually helping my anemia to flare up, which makes life that much more loverly.(anyone like going bald? yeah, me either.)

to my actual point, aaron called tonite and we actually got to have a long conversation. he interrupted my witless banter at one point to tell me that i was still every bit the superhero i always have been. he reminded me that there are a lot of people who couldn't even have handled a 7 month seperation, let alone hardly see their s.o. over the course of a year and a half and have a kid in the middle of it. he said that anyone else would've thrown in the towel ages ago, but i'm too stubborn and determined to give up and that's why he loves me. he assured me that i could handle everything and come out on top like i always do and that no one else would ever do.

i'm grinning like a complete idiot right now. i don't think he realises that he really is my sanity. it was nice to have someone say to me that they appreciate what i'm doing, rather than asking for more out of me. just when i think there's not a whole lot left in my reserve, he contacts me and replenishes my supply. if anyone is the superhero, it's him. everytime any sort of problem has come up, we've both been able to conquer it and become stronger in the end. i realise now that this transition is going to be a breeze.


That's so awesome! :) It is very important to be one another's strength when you are down, and I can't imagine all you have both gone through in the last year, with marriage/pregnancy/newborn/deployment, and everything in between.
I give you and your hubby lots of credit for all that you do!
~Amanda :)
That was really sweet... thanks for sharing with us =)
Wonderful! what a terrific guy!!!!!!!! :)
This is cool, my husband is in the process of getting into the navy and I'm 27 weeks pregnant...so he will be gone when I have my baby too. He's sacrificing to take care of me and little Sean :)
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July 2013

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