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ilovemyhusband's Journal

♥ I Love My Husband ♥
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- How did you find this community: !
- Status (married, cohabiting, long-distance etc):
- The name of your loved one:
- How long have you been together/in love:
- Children:

Interested in being Couple of the Week? Fill out these questions and email it to me with a picture of you and your hubby/fiance. Don't be shy! EMAIL: zerozander at gmail dot com

How you'd like to be introduced: (Example, "The Johnson's", "Mary and John")
Husbands name:
His age:
How long have you been married/together:
How did you meet your hubby:
When did you realize your hubby was "the one":
His best quality is:
Do the two of you compliment or complete one another:
You should be couple of the week because: (almost any answer will do here, really)

2012 is around the corner and it's time for a fresh start here.

New design?
New features?

Feel free to post your suggestions and/or wants.

This place can become whatever *you* want it to be.



Did you meet online? Have a peek at onlineromance.
Many of you have children as well, why not also join parenting.

And as of 2005-01-02 all entries will be FRIENDS ONLY.
Abuse will not be tolerated!</font>

Also, please no spamming or commercial.
If you want to advertise something, mail miiya@hotmail.com and let me approve it first.
Chances are, your ad will be deleted if you don't.


The I love my husband community was created by Annelie in the spring of '01.

Welcome to the community where you can post your feelings about the one you love.
We all love our partner, our crush or friends. Tell us about it. Feel free to talk and we'll smile together!