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Dec. 31st, 2004

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Today is my wonderful husbands birthday!

The bad news is - I wont see him at all! One kiss this morning - that's it.
I work all day and he's off. Then tonight before I get home from work he will leave for the evening and wont be back until after I go to bed. He teaches martial arts and has these demonstrations to do at "First Night" tonight and I won't go because it will be too much standing and walking in the cold and crowded streets. This is a big bummer!

We will celebrate his birthday together tomorrow. But it's still sad.
I can't wait to give him his gifts though! I got him cds and a video game because even at 26 he's still such a kid! LOL!


(no subject)

~ Name: Stefanie...

~ Age:17...soon to be 18 tho...

~ Country:United States

~ How did you find this community: I was doing a random search under love.

~ Status (married, cohabiting, long-distance etc): Cohabiting

~ The name of your loved one: Eric...:)

~ How long have you been together/in love: We've been together on and off for about a year and a half. I've been in love with him the
whole time...

~ Children: Not yet...but one day...

~ Favorite picture: I don't have one yet...Hopefully I'll be getting some developed soon.

~ Favorite motto: Jeez, there are so many...hmmm...I'll think about it and put my favorite one on here later...

Eric just got out of the army about 4 or 5 months ago, and shortly after getting out, he came to live with me. Since then, I've been happier than I've ever been before. I love him so very, very much. His birthday is coming up in January, and I want to get him something, but he doesn't want me to. I think it's because he'd feel bad...any advice on what I should do?

Dec. 28th, 2004



(no subject)

- Age:23

- Country:U.S

- How did you find this community: julie_adams

- Status (married, cohabiting, long-distance etc): Married

- The name of your loved one: Jason

- How long have you been together/in love: we only knew eachother for a month before we got married ;ove at frist sight and all that. we have been married for 2 years and like 6months

- Children:1 with one on the way. Son-16 months

- Favorite picture (URL or IMG SRC)husband and son and meCollapse )>
- Favorite motto: I dont have one

I love my husband very much. He is in the navy but we will be leaving the navy as soon as we can because I cant take not having him with me all the time and the navy likes to take him away from us. Well thats it Hi every one

Dec. 27th, 2004

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New Intro

- Name

- Age

- Country

- How did you find this community
From my friend graciegirl who is a member

- Status (married, cohabiting, long-distance etc)
- The name of your loved one
- How long have you been together/in love
We met in high school so we've known each other about 9 years. We've been married for over three years.

- Children
Our first baby is due in March. It's a boy!!

- Favorite picture (URL or IMG SRC)
I'll try to find a good picture of me and Joel tonight and post it later.

- Favorite motto
Risk may result in failure but success will never happen without it.

- Additional Notes

I've been loving my husband a little extra these days because he's being so good to me during this pregnancy. Taking care of the house a lot more, cooking for me, fetching things, back rubs, you name it!



Ok, first off, the last nasty post made here was deleted. We don't need that here!
Secondly, I do want to address the commenting.

I am so so happy that we have an everflowing stream of wonderful women joining this community. And I am very happy about your posts and pictures and whatnot. However, from a personal point of view, I am not always around. I don't comment to all the post, I probably comment alot less that I should.
But that does not mean that I personally do not like anyone. Obviously.
You know this =)

I have some great moderators to help welcome and keep this community running also, let them know if you need anything or if you have any questions. (You can easily find us in Memories under Moderators)

Any other ideas or suggestions are always appreciated, to keep this place rockin´ :p

Welcome all new members!

/lia - moderator


well hello there

- Name: Bellis
- Age: 28
- Country: USA
- How did you find this community: random browsing of friends' interests
- Status (married, cohabiting, long-distance etc): married
- The name of your loved one: Samuel
- How long have you been together/in love: 6 years
- Children: 1 daughter
- Favorite picture (URL or IMG SRC): I don't have a good pic of Sam and I... this is the first thing I have available. :)

- Favorite motto: I don't really have a motto, but if there's any overriding theme to my life now, it would be gratitude.
- Additional Notes: What else would you like to know? We live in Maryland, but we're from New England. We've moved around a lot, according to the demands on my job. We're raising our daughter using what some people call "alternative parenting", and what I prefer to call doing things our own way. We're both huge geeks: computers, video games, tons of books, Japanese horror movies and novels... if it's a bit offbeat, we're probably really into it. We are both obsessed with making things; he makes candles and stained glass, I compulsively knit and occasionally sew. I'm also a photographer, and I make extra cash taking portraits and photographing wedding and such. I prefer to do my own thing, but $ is $.

If there's anything else you want to know, please feel free to ask. Happy to be here!

Dec. 23rd, 2004



(no subject)

Hello!Collapse )


(no subject)

- Name: Danielle
- Age: 18
- Country: USA
- How did you find this community: Interest Search
- Status: Married
- The name of your loved one: Paul
- How long have you been together/in love: Together for over 10 months. Married for just over 1 month.
- Children: Kade Pierce. 1 week 3 days old
- Favorite motto: Don't marry the person you can live with, marry the person you can't live without. - Favorite PicturesCollapse )

Dec. 22nd, 2004



(no subject)

- Name Lynn Evans
- Age 25
- Country usa
- How did you find this community searching when bored
- Status (married, cohabiting, long-distance etc) Married for 5years and counting
- The name of your loved one Robert
- How long have you been together/in love together for7 years
- Children one son 3 months old
- Favorite picture (URL or IMG SRC) Read more...Collapse )
- Favorite motto if mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!-)

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