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New to community

Name: BECK.E (my artist pen-name) or Becky is fine
Age: 26
Country: US
How did you find this community: stumbled upon in search
Status (married, cohabiting, long-distance etc): Married
The name of your loved one: Dan
How long have you been together/in love: 4 years; Married 1 year next month
Children: not for another few years
Favorite picture (URL or IMG SRC): see below
Favorite motto: Marry your best friend.


Hi :))

Hi there Beck, Nice to meet you. I just joined LiveJournal a couple of days ago, and am dying to make new friends who actually enjoy being married and love their husbands as I do - not that there won't be moments or days when we want to clobber them, but for the most part, in today's society people don't think we really exist, happily married couples, especially happily married women. Sorry to burst your bubble, "OPRAH WINFREY" but true love, forever marriages really do exist, and there are people who are happy in them. Mine is a Cinderella story as I married my best friend as well, it'll be 7years 12/31. I met him when we'd both given up on love, married him without a penny to our names, during some rough times. Talk about looking for love in all the wrong places - my man hails from South America, near Brazil - got a Swartzenager accent, extremely British ways LOL Our life is never dull, I'd love to share my daily adventures if I know some one will stop by and read my posts. Tell me about your honey!! Look foreward to hearing from you friend!

July 2013

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