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Recently I found one more reason why I love my fiance. I was talking to a male coworker and he said that, before Christmas, on one Tuesday evening shopping at the mall with his wife, he met ten of his ex-girlfriends. I asked how many exes he has and he said about thirty. And he's 27. He has a lot of friends, male and female, and he's always going out. Then I realised that I didn't have to share Cedric with any exes or female friends. In fact he doesn't have any friends. His life revolves around me, his family, and his job in a small business where there's only male and 40+ female employees. He doesn't like to go out much, even with me. The only times we go out is when I get free tickets (I work for Ticketmaster), or for family dinners. I'm a very insecure person, so I couldn't be with a man who has many female friends and goes out without me often. With him, I can be sure I'm the only one, he doesn't have a "fan club" like my coworker does. His wife must be a very tolerant person, or maybe she does the same.

With his nephew

With a pajama on his head (he's going to kill me for this one ;)



Lovely pictures!
I agree with what you are saying. My husband is not very outgoing and has 0 ex girlfriends and just few friends, i feel much better this way. People who go out all the time like your co-worker would make me crazy!

Re: Hi

I just added you to my friends list. :)
I personally think the pic of the pj pants is cute!!!! :)

Your Cedric sounds like my Brett...he has like 5 close friends and the rest of his life is centered around me. And if we need him, we come first. I met him when he was 19 and he had one girlfriend before me and she refuses to talk to him now- I dunno why??? But I digress!!!

But yeah, I Would not be as tolerant of a ton of exes like this other woman... I guess I have jealousy issues?
The funness of ex's my husbands first girlfriend and the girl he lost his "cherry" too is married to one of his best friends so I have to deal with that every time we go home to viset his family, and friends. And she is a bit of a slut so I dont trust her. But Here I dont have to worry about it because we have no friends and the few we have come over here to hang out with both of us. My husband is a home body like me and sence we have a kid its a good excuse to have people come here to see us because its easier. Its not that I dont trust my husband because I do I just dont trust women my husband is a hansom Funny man and I know how girls can be and I know how girls in the navy can be.
I am soo glad you found some one who is you match!
The Pajamma pants head picture is cute.
gurls in the navy have their moms call and threaten you whenever they develop a crush and think you can be done away with. it's only fair aaron have more female friends than male, because i have more male than female. however, it doesn't mean i won't beat one of them if they step out of line. :p
Hehe, my fiance is the same... I'm insecure, but I feel SOOOO good with him, not much to worry about! :-D
I'm only 19 and very immature. So I get jealous of these other girls my fiance was in love with. Even though he was never with them! I am his first serious relationship and his 'first'. He has the sweetest heart I could ever imagine. I guess I'm always looking for trouble because I don't believe I deserve someone so wonderful. I hope as I grow older with him I'll settle down emotionally. He has given me so much more than I've given him. He's made me his world.

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