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i think it's so sad, especially around the holiday season, that there are miserable people in the world who find their joys in accusing others of living the pathetic life that they themselves lead. i don't think i can stress that enough. anyone agree with me here? i thought so. i think most of these drama queens running around are the type that are far too shy to even talk to anyone in real life, so they hide behind a faceless journal to make themselves feel powerful. it's a shame and it's smart at the same time. anyone who spouts off like that in real life is more likely to have me mow them over in a parking lot than someone i will never see face to face on here. and to think, my husband and countless other men and women are gone for extended periods of time fighting to ensure that people like that have the right to use their jealousy to stir up drama. but enough about the really little people of the world, and onto the ones that matter:

i just wanted to wish all of the real and truly gorgeous people in here a happy and amusing new year. may the joys of 2004 double in 2005 and may your wonderful relationships continue to grow. :)


AMEN on the "my husband and countless other men and women are gone for extended periods of time fighting to ensure that people like that have the right to use their jealousy to stir up drama."

There are a lot of people who don't deserve to live the 'free life'

That post that stirred this up just made me sick to my stomach. And to have that many errors in their typing..lol
i couldn't agree with you more.

i had to read through it once or twice just to get a rough idea of what she was trying to say. i know a lot of people who aren't the greatest spellers and are lost in the realm of grammer, but they know enough so that i don't have to read it 12 times.
that was almost amusing. i feel really bad for people who's jealousy makes them lash out against everything they admire and want to have for themselves.

makes me wonder what kind of person they are--they really must be hurting inside.
my first reaction was actually laughter ... and then i just felt bad for her.
Thanks for that! And a Happy New Year to you as well.

And thank your husband for me (and my husband) as well. My husband comes from an Army family and we can't thank our millitary personel enough for what they sacrifice to ensure that we (and the trolls) can be free! And thank you for giving him to us for this time as well =)
i absolutely agree. i'm still taking him back in slightly less than 3 years though. :p
Yeah, I wasn't even going to respond to it. I pointed it out to the mod because a comment was left on the post I made last night. Anyone can leave a comment like that when they hide behind such a mask. "UGLY!!!!" What are we? 10 years old??? I thought so. Ovbiously it is all jealousy of our marriages, and the slams against age, looks, and legitimacy are all ridiculous.
The errors in grammar and spelling are because it looks like he/she speaks spanish, which is what the second part of the post is written in.
No matter what sex, age, ethnicity...that person was IGNORANT!

I second the Happy New Year to all the REAL beautiful, sexy women in this community and all of their handsome, loving husbands!!
i didn't see a post link ... did she disable posting? i was originally going to just laugh to myself and respond with some links/phone numbers for depression hotlines, but i figured i'd praise all of the fine people that actually belong to this community instead.
On the community post there was disabled posting, but in my entry last night there was a comment left, that I was just going to ignore and let the mod know about...but then I saw the big post in the community and it just irritated me...but very little...because I was laughing at the language barrier.
Thanks for giving the troll attention. That oughta stop him!
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